What we do:

The PrEP-MAP website aims to improve awareness, advocacy and ultimately access to PrEP across the Asia-Pacific region. It is a true intravention -- done by MSM community members in Asia and the Pacific for MSM community members in Asia in the Pacific. PrEP MAP is an exercise in community ownership and self-determination to generate demand, through a resource database on PrEP awareness and to advocate for and build demand in our communities for the right to access proven and comprehensive prevention approaches. It is the work of contributions from community activists, civil society organisations and policy advocates to co-create an educational and advocacy platform.  For consistency with other health promotion materials in the region, information is presented in English, though may be adapted to local languages and contexts. 

Who we are:

The PrEP-MAP website is brought to you by APCOM. APCOM works to improve the health and rights of gay men, other men who have sex with men and SOGIESC people across Asia and the Pacific.

Based in Bangkok, APCOM is a not-for-profit organisation representing and working with a network of individuals and community-based organisations across 38 countries in Asia and the Pacific.

APCOM has a primary focus on HIV because it is a key health issue for gay men and other men who have sex with men in the region. APCOM also addresses other related health issues for our communities such as sexual health, mental health and drug use.

APCOM also focuses on improving relevant human and legal rights across the region as discrimination, stigma, criminalisation and exclusion impact on the health outcomes of the communities we serve.

We would like to thank everyone who provided comments, feedback, insight, or information on the site. PrEP MAP would not be possible without the direct and indirect contributions of individuals  such as : Shale Ahmed (Bandhu Social Welfare Society), Dr. Ionnis Mameletzis (WHO), Dr. Ronivin Pagtakhan (LoveYourself), Brunei Dar Es Salaam AIDS Council, Phorng Chantorn (KHANA), Dr. Tia Phalla (Cambodia National AIDS Authority), Michael Badorrekk (APCOM), Tim Quinn (Rice University), Jason Lau (AIDS Concern),  Yashwinder Singh (Humsfar Trust), Surya (Arie) MIhari (GWL-INA), Nicky Suwandi  (GWL-INA), Rolam (LaoPha) , Viengakhone Souriyo (LaoPha), Raymond Tsai (PT Foundation), Kristine Low (FHDA- Malaysia), Ezra Ceria (MAC), Yusralhakim Yusoff (MAC), Anaraa Nyamdorj (The LGBT Centre - Mongolia), Martin Choo (KLASS), Dr. Frits van Griensven, Dr. Min Thet Phyo San (Myanmar Youth Stars Network), Manisha Dhekal (Blue Diamond Society), Dr. Muhammed Usman Ali (Dostana Male Health Society) , Muhammad Usman (Dareecha Male Health Society), Lord Art Lomarda (LoveYourself), Dr. Roy Chan (Action for AIDS Singapore), Yen-Hao (Isaac) Chu (LSHTM), Dr. Stephane Ku, Sunned (Lemon) Summata (APCOM), Doan Tung (Light house Social Enterprise), Dr. Deyn Natthakhet Yaemim (Pulse Clinic), Phil Joffe (Dynamix International), Boa Le (CARMAH), Le Cong Tam, (CARMAH),  Jonas Bagas (APCASO), David Krauss (UNAIDS),  Philips Loh (APCOM), Andrey Tran (APCOM), Safir Soeparna (APCOM), Min Fuh Teh (APCOM), Dr. Heather-Marie Schmidt (APCOM), Inad Rendon (APCOM), Ryan Figueiredo (APCOM), and Midnight Poonkasetwattana (APCOM).

How to contact us:

Want to contact us? You can email us at [email protected]

Legal Disclaimer:

This website contains general information about travelling or purchasing medical treatments. This information is not considered medical nor legal advice and should not be treated as such. You must not rely on the information on this website as an alternative to medical or legal advice from the appropriate professionals. If you have any specific questions about any medical matter, you should consult your doctor or another professional healthcare provider. You should never delay seeking medical advice, disregard medical advice, or discontinue medical treatment because of information on this website.

Without prejudice to the generality of the preceding paragraph, PrEP-MAP does not warrant that: the information on this website will be continuously available, or available at all; or the information on this website is complete, correct, accurate, or up-to-date.