8 things you can do to help increase access to PrEP in Asia and the Pacific

1. Be Informed


Know your facts about PrEP! Check out our FAQ to learn about PrEP, our Getting PrEP section to find out where to get PrEP, and our Resources section to explore other great sources of PrEP information!


2. Tell all your friends !


Tell your buddies about PrEP. Share this website with others to let them learn more about PrEP and what they can do to help increase access to PrEP in Asia and the Pacific.


3. Challenge PrEP-related stigma!


Stigma, including slut-shaming of PrEP users, may hinder the uptake and use of PrEP. Speak up about PrEP and talk to your friends (and sexual contacts) about it and speak out against stigma about using PrEP when you hear or see it.


4. Ask your health care provider about PrEP


Ask about PrEP at your visit to your health care provider. This helps create awareness and demand among healthcare providers. Check out this handy checklist to use when talking to your provider about PrEP. Download and take along this handy checklist to use to talk to your clinic about PrEP5.  Take our PrEP in the Wild Survey. 


5. Take our PrEP in Asia Survey   


We want to learn more about people’s experiences across Asia and the Pacific. Take our community survey to (it only takes a few minutes!) to help out!


6. Join a PrEP Trial! 


Help contribute to a growing body of evidence. Look for recruitment to PrEP trials in Asia and the Pacific. Check out our MAP to see if and what PrEP trials or studies are going on in the country you're living in!!


7.  Share your PrEP experience with us!


Share your story about going on PrEP! If you are able to write, blogue, vlogue about your experience, please do so and then let us know!


8.  Join our mailing list!


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